Current Projects

We have several programs and projects underway in Africa

Cal Bombay Ministries is currently involved with four major endeavours — three in South Sudan, and one in Uganda.
The links below will describe each, and show you how you can help specific projects.
  1. 1
    The Bori Farm
    Currently the largest single agricultural operation in all of South Sudan, this farm located in Bori - southeast of Kajo-Keji in Central Equatoria State - produces food crops destined for relief for the starving of that country.
  2. 1
    Out-Growers Program
    More than 600 local farmers now participate in this initiative, where modern farming techniques are taught and assistance provided to prepare and maintain plots of their own land upon which can be grown enough food for their families as well as excess for sale to others locally.
  3. 3
    Liwolo Hospital
    A multi-ward medical facility, located in Liwolo, South Sudan - southeast of Kajo-Keji in Central Equatoria State - will soon become the largest and best-equipped hospital for hundreds of kilometers in all directions, serving thousands of people in desperate need of health services.
  4. 2
    Urban Farming
    This highly successful and easily replicated program provides methods and materials for many families in the poorer areas of Kampala, Uganda to grow their own vegetables in very limited spaces around their homes.