Good Friends Church

  1. A godly man
    A godly man
    The Hon. Manase Lomole Waya.
  2. Attentive Children
    Attentive Children
    The best-behaved Sunday School ever!
  3. Church on the Grounds
    Church on the Grounds
    The Good Friends Church located at the Bori compound.
  4. Sunday Morning Service
    Sunday Morning Service
    Part of the congregation of GFC.
  5. The Service Starts
    The Service Starts
    A local church leader opens worship time.
  6. Pastor Scopas
    Pastor Scopas
    One of the leaders of the Good Friends Church.
Lively worship on a Sunday morning at
Good Friends Church in Bori.

A Thriving

The Good Friends Church at Bori, South Sudan

Jointly led by two pastors, each credentialed by separate evangelical denominations, this congregation meets regularly in a purpose-built facility attached to the SFC compound at Bori, South Sudan. 

This building was erected by funds provided by CBM and serves the area surrounding Bori and the town that has sprung up at Bori as a consequence of the SFC operations located there. It is currently not financially supported in any way by CBM.

The key Human or Social Impact Elements:

The Good Friends Church is providing evangelical Christian religious training and Godly development of the people in the community.  While most South Sudanese in this region would call themselves "Christian", this is often for the purposes of distancing themselves from the deeply different religious, social and political aspects of the Muslim North.
It is clear to us that true Christian believers, given the opportunity to come to a fuller understanding of the Gospel, and the Lord Himself, have the potential for a far better life even in the midst of difficult living circumstances.  The interpersonal relationships of good followers of Christ have a direct effect within families and local communities, especially as they come to realize the importance of the individual, of Biblical teachings on family roles and responsibilities, and the need for a committed benevolence towards their neighbours. Such things can, and DO, transform entire communities.

Current Accomplishments:

The Good Friends Church is active and working and things are being accomplished directly in people’s lives through the church. Attendance is growing steadily, and the number of church meetings and ministry
activities are increasing under the local leadership.