Helping the Hungry

  1. Managing Director
    Maize (Corn)
    A primary crop grown at the Bori Farm. Highly nutritional in many applications.
  2. Managing Director
    Maize Flour Production
    SFC Bori operates the largest commercial flour mill in all of South Sudan.
  3. Managing Director
    A food-grain with excellent nutritional value and highly versatile.
Maximizing Effectiveness

Cal Bombay Ministries is committed to the most efficient use of resources.

As a vital part of our commitment to using donated funds, existing resources, and expanding opportunities in the most productive fashion possible, we are acutely aware of the need to focus food production on the best possible outcomes.

The agencies through whom Cal Bombay Ministries and Savannah Farmers Co-Operative distribute their food products (like the World Food Program — the UN-based humanitarian relief group) have identified certain food-grains as the best-suited to meeting the nutritional needs of the starving people in the regions where we work.

Two of the preferred crops are maize (corn) and sorghum.  Both can be used as food in many ways — either in their natural form, or ground into flour that can be employed for a host of applications.

Both of these products are already in wide use among the people-groups most heavily hit by the terrible famine and food shortages currently being experienced in South Sudan.

Here is some basic information about these food-grains:
According to data provided by the World Food Program, approximately 600 grams of either of these products will meet the daily minimum essential energy needs of an adult person facing sever food shortages.

This represents survival-level rations.  A more balanced and healthy diet would, of course, be prefereable but the sustaining of life itself is the first priority in such desperate circumstances.