Liwolo Hospital

The Liwolo Missionary Hospital which has lain unfinished and dormant for too many years has once more become a priority endeavour.

Plans and action are stepping up with doctors, hospitals and others here in Canada who are going to see this project through to become a fully functional modern hospital. 

It appears that we will be given, without cost, a great deal of very modern hospital equipment which is being replaced by ultra-modern equipment is several Canadian hospitals.

As this equipment makes its way to Liwolo, and is put to work in the re-furbished and improved hospital, this medical facility could very-well become one of the most modern and best-equipped in all of South Sudan.

Along with the equipment, there is the strong likelihood that many graduating medical students will be more than ready to serve at the hospital as part of their residency and/or placement programs.

Located just a few minutes east of the Savannah Farmers Cooperative farm at Bori, Liwolo is a small but growing community that has sprung up in recent years around the site of this medical station.

Closely situated to this village is the home of the Hon. Manase Lomole Waya, the former Deputy Governor of Central Equatoria State and a stolid supporter of what CBM is doing in South Sudan.  Mr. Lomole has played a great part in the establishment and in seeing the development of the hospital move forward.  He is to be commended for his sacrificial and faithful involvement in this vital project.

This medical station, currently operating as an emegency first-aid centre and maternity facility, is literally the only such location within many kilometers to which people can come for treatment and help.

The story is told here of a man from east of Liwolo who walked for as long as one week to come to this location for medical help.

​The need is almost overwhelming. 
  1. Medical Team
    Medical Team
    Evaluating the facilities.
  2. Midwife & Dr. Kroeker
    Midwife & Dr. Kroeker
    A conversation with the local midwife.
  3. Laboratory
    Basic lab-work takes place here.
  4. The Birthing Ward
    The Birthing Ward
    A busy part of current services.
  5. Inside a Ward
    Inside a Ward
    A basic medical ward area.
  6. Medical Team
    Medical Team
    Dr. Stan Kroeker & Coleen Neita
  7. A Damaged Ward
    A Damaged Ward
    This building needs repair!
  8. Consulting
    Discussing hospital procedures.
  9. Dispensary
    Basic medical first-aid supplies.
  10. The Damaged Ward
    The Damaged Ward
    The roof was torn off in a hurricane.
  11. Liwolo
    Part of the site where the hospital is located.
  12. Hospital Ward Building
    Hospital Ward Building
    One of the four ward-buildings.

A Medical
Team Examines
​The Hospital

A Medical Assessment Team (Dr. Stan Kroeker and Head Nurse Coleen Neita) from Edmonton examined the existing facilities and current services, evaluating the future challenges and needs that must be addressed to bring the Liwolo Hospital up to suitable standards.

While the "bare bones" for a workable medical facility exist, MUCH effort and input of resources will be required to complete the job.