The Bori Farm

The primary locations of all Savannah Farmers Cooperative activities currently surround our headquarters at Bori in South Sudan.​

Located just north of the border with Uganda, the compound (shown below) houses our Administrative Centre, Flour Mill, Mechanical Services, and Residences for many employees.
The actual fields under cultivation are identified as Ransak One and Ransak Two, the total current size being just under 500 acres.  The immediate goal, with new equipment now onsite, is to expand the fields to a total of 2,000 acres within the next year or so.

At this time, these are the largest contiguous tracts of cultivated land in all of South Sudan.

Savannah Farmers Cooperative has a firm lease on 20,000 acres for immediate development, as well a potential for an additional 80,000 acres designated by the Government of South Sudan for future use by the Bori farm!

Ransak Fields

Ransak Fields

What the

  1. Bagged Sorghum
    Bagged Sorghum
    Sealed plastic bags store the grain for eventual sale.
  2. Bagging Sorghum
    Bagging Sorghum
    Plastic bags are carefully filled, weighed, and sealed.
  3. Off-Loading Sorghum
    Off-Loading Sorghum
    Workers shovel grain from the wagon into an elevator/auger.
  4. Augering Soghum
    Augering Soghum
    The base of the grain auger fills from the cart.
  5. Off-Loading Sorghum
    Off-Loading Sorghum
    Sorghum pours from the grain cart.
  6. The Combine Hard at Work
    The Combine Hard at Work
    A Case-IH 1680 combine/harvester in the field at Bori.
  7. A Stalk of Sorghum
    A Stalk of Sorghum
    One of the major crops of the Bori Farm.
  8. Grain Storage Bins
    Grain Storage Bins
    An auger lifts grain into temporary storage.
  9. Mr. Brian Dyck
    Mr. Brian Dyck
    Driving the combine, for this year, at least.
  10. Land Clearing
    Land Clearing
    The first step — clearing away the overgrowth.
  11. Freshly-Tilled Field
    Freshly-Tilled Field
    Ransak land being readied for planting.
  12. Seeding
    Planting almost 400 acres with sorghum.
  13. Loading Fertilizer
    Loading Fertilizer
    One-Tonne bags of fertilizer, heading to the fields.
  14. Spraying Unit
    Spraying Unit
    Weed control is imperative in South Sudan!
  15. Clearing the Fields
    Clearing the Fields
    Much time and effort needed to remove obstructions.
  16. Loading Seed
    Loading Seed
    Precious bean-seeds going into the planter.
  17. A Good-Sized Harrow
    A Good-Sized Harrow
    Essential for field preparation.
  18. Planter at Work
    Planter at Work
    12 rows at a time... the job gets done.
​The Bori farm, located southeast of Kajo-Keji in South Sudan, is primarily purposed towards enhancing the ability of this nation to produce locally-grown foodstuffs in a self-sustaining and self-propagating way.

An associated corollary intention is to model and teach regional farmers about up-to-date agricultural methods and materials, so as to increase their own productivity.

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Video of the Sorghum Planting
November 2016 
Video of the Sorghum Harvest
February 2016 
Video of Edible Beans Being Planted
April 2016 
Clearing the Ransak Fields
April 2016