Other Activities & Initiatives

Through the Savannah Farmers Cooperative, Cal Bombay Ministries is strategically placed to be able to become involved in a host of creative and
exciting further endeavours.
These are some of the ​things we are already doing​, and as additional funding becomes available, there are additional inititiatives we are poised to undertake.

The Flour Mill

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The flour mill located at the Bori compound is the largest industrial flour mill in operation in South Sudan.

Capable of grinding as much as 10 metric tonnes of locally-grown grain into flour in a single day, this equipment produces the finest quality flour available anywhere in the region.

The flour made here sells to local markets and to relief agencies in order to meet the needs of a hungry population.

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A Traditional Grind-Stone
Using a hand-held stone, grain has been reduced to flour in this well-worn spot by many previous generations.
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Well Drilling

Brick-Making, Etc.

Animal Husbandry